Falcon Optimizer Version 2.0!

Falcon Optimizer version 2.0 has a lot of great new features to help expedite the sales & quoting process, improve ease of use, simplify cutting patterns, display more information needed to quickly and easily complete quotes, and can even generate optimal custom sheet sizes!

Let’s take a look at how to use some of the new features:

More User Friendly (With Tabs)


We have redesigned the way you interact with Falcon Optimizer, making it more user friendly. We have removed the need for scrolling up and down the page, by creating tabs for each section. You’ll now be able to click on the parts tabs to enter your parts, as well as a tab for sheets, optimal sheets, results/outputs, and sheets used. This will make use of Falcon Optimizer even faster and easier.


Improved Algorithms & More Simplified Cutting Patterns


Falcon Optimizer is constantly working to improve our cutting algorithms and patterns. In our new version 2.0, we have successfully improved our algorithms to generate more simplified cutting patterns without sacrificing yield. Falcon Optimizer continues to be the #1 yielding software in the industry, and can improve yields by 10% or more versus some of the top competition. And now our patterns are even more simplified than before!


Select From Over 70 Different Materials


You can now select from over 70 different material types. This is an extremely important field to select because it powers many of our new features. Due to the fact that each and every material has varying weights, cutting speeds, etc., Falcon will take the material you selected and use that to uniquely calculate each of the new features. All material weights and cutting speeds have been included in the software by the material manufacturers and saw blade manufacturers for accurate data calculation.


Optimal Custom Sheet Size Generator


This all new feature is revolutionary to the CNC cutting yield optimization industry. In this new version, you will be able to click on the “optimal sheets” tab, select “yes,” and then create an optimally sized custom sheet for use when you have a large quote, order or are consolidating multiple orders. We have included default minimum and maximum lengths and widths, however you can edit these based on the custom sheet size limits of your suppliers. This feature is best used when you have enough material to order a custom sized sheet, as well as multiple part sizes. As always, be sure to “save all” before you optimize with optimal sheets turned on to “yes.”

And if you want to run an optimization using standard sheets first and then create an optimal sheet to compare yields, we have added a “duplicate” option in the optimizations list where you can duplicate any optimization so you don’t lose your previously optimized job.


Estimated Cutting Time Calculations


Each optimization you create will include an estimated cutting time calculation. You’ll no longer need to ask someone in operations how long they expect a quote will take to cut. Falcon Optimizer will calculate this for you. It is important to be sure to also use our new drop down menu of material types, because every estimated cutting time will be precisely based on the material you have selected. Due to each and every material having varying cutting speeds, it is important to select the correct material in order to get the correct estimated cutting time.


Labor/Cutting Fees


Labor/Cutting fees are an important part of the quoting process. Falcon Optimizer will now calculate your cutting fees based on the specific job so that you can easily standardize your quoting process with more accurate cutting fees. Our cutting fee calculations are based on an industry average of $75 USD per hour. Based on numerous studies, this is the standard rate most companies charge for cutting. Should you want to charge a little bit more or less, you can simply bump up the pricing you see in the display. We will show you the cutting fee per part, the total cutting fee per job, and we also include a mandatory minimum of $10/part and $50/job in the event it is a smaller optimization not meeting the minimum cutting fee requirements. Of course, these are guidelines and can be used or altered as needed.


Estimated Shipping Weight (Including Packaging)


Shipping is another important factor when quoting a customer. Falcon Optimizer now displays an estimated shipping weight for each optimization that is also based specifically on the material selected. Just like cutting speeds, each material has a different weight, so Falcon’s software includes the manufacturer specified material weights to the shipping calculations for quick and easy shipping estimates. Our shipping calculation includes the shipped material weight (meaning we exclude scrap). We also include packaging by adding estimated pallet weights as the weights increase.


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